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Rat-Infested Popeyes Gets Shut Down After Viral TikTok[1:13]
33,000 People Stuck at Disneyland for the Worst Reason[1:34]
Teen TikToker With 4 Million Followers Arrested: Cops[1:45]
Man Stops Arson Suspect From Throwing 2nd Molotov Cocktail[1:06]
Boater Led to Naked Woman 3 Miles Offshore by Dolphins[1:26]
3-Year-Old Major Harris Found Dead in Trash in Milwaukee[1:48]
This Tiny Home Village Is the Largest in the US[1:29]
World’s Tallest Living Woman Stands More Than 7 Feet Tall[1:11]
Crowd Goes Wild as Squirrel Scores Touchdown #Shorts[0:24]
This May Be the World’s Most Beaten Up Shark #Shorts[0:24]
Cheerleader Gets a Surprise Proposal #Shorts[0:27]
103-Year-Old Pearl Harbor Survivor Is World's Oldest Conductor #shorts[0:36]
Baby Talks to Cactus, Cactus Talks Back #Shorts[0:22]
Firefighters Rescue Tired Deer Treading Water in Canal #shorts[0:42]
105-Year-Old Woman Sets Record With 100-Meter Run[1:27]
Food Banks Hit by Price Increases Ahead of Thanksgiving[2:00]
Would You Scale One of New York City’s Tallest Buildings?[2:12]
Rusting Live Mortar Round Found in Ground[1:32]
‘Embarrassing Mom’ Makes Her Son TikTok-Famous[1:01]
1,200-Year-Old Canoe Pulled From Bottom of Lake[1:12]
Invasive Joro Spiders Flourishing in Georgia[2:23]
The Bets That Cost These Gamblers Big-Time[10:17]
Diving YouTubers Have Found Remains of 16 Missing People[7:32]
Woman Climbs Into Lion Enclosure at Bronx Zoo[1:38]
Some Cops at Astroworld Fest Pleaded on Radio to Stop Show[1:52]
Sarah Jessica Parker Calls Out ‘Misogynistic Chatter’[1:13]
The Most Heart-Stopping Moments of 2019[4:12]
Goodbye Messages From People Who Thought They Were Dying[5:56]
The Most Heart Stopping Moments of 2020[5:38]
Can You Believe These Old Things Still Work?[7:53]
The Most Daring Rescues of 2020[5:21]
These People Tried and Failed to Be Their Own Cosmetic Surgeons[5:42]
The Most Heart-Stopping Moments of 2021...So Far[6:08]
Inside Edition’s Most Popular Stories of 2020[5:52]
Have These Feuding Neighbors Gone Too Far?[5:41]
These Superhero Moms Saved Their Kids From Danger[5:28]
Incredible Things People Found Hidden in Their Homes[5:05]
When Parents Go Too Far to Help Their Kids[5:43]
Are Police Dogs Being Ordered to Bite Suspects Unnecessarily?[3:21]
Bathroom Destroyed by Contractor Gets Remodeled For Free[3:32]
Motorcyclist's Brush With Death Won't Stop His Lane Splitting[2:40]
Should Babies Be Going to the Chiropractor?[2:49]
Are Packs of Rats Taking Over Outdoor Dining Huts at Night?[2:38]
How Much Booze Will This Water Park Serve Guests? Inside Edition Investigates[3:09]
Are New York Restaurants Enforcing the Vaccine Mandate?[2:06]
Tracking Down an Online Vaccine Card Seller[2:35]
Summer Camp Sexual Abuse of Kids Is an Ongoing Problem[3:34]
Why Kids Keep Drowning at Summer Camps Despite Staff on Duty[3:18]
The Hidden Dangers of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning on Some Boats[4:08]
Inside Edition Shows Subway Tuna Sandwiches Are Legit[2:35]
Meet the Dancing 'Backpack Kid' Who Stole Katy Perry's Spotlight on 'SNL'[1:29]
‘World’s Chillest Man’ Asked Robbery Suspect for a Beer[1:51]
Dogs Tested to See Whether They’d Defend Owner During Home Invasion[2:45]
Toddler Puts Arms up as Dad Is Arrested[1:49]
Teen With Backwards Foot Attached To Knee Meets Other Cancer Survivors Like Her[2:47]
Elephant Calmly Asks For Help After Living With Infected Bullet Lodged In Skull[1:12]
Man With Cane Trips Robber Fleeing Cops[1:34]
California Cop Drags 20-Year-Old Woman Out of Car by Her Hair[2:06]
Hidden Camera Shows How Strangers Can Get Close To Unaccompanied Minors on Planes[3:37]
12-Year-Old Girl Helps Catch Home Intruder After Taking Photos, Calling 911[2:18]
Watch This Teen Illegally Climb Egypt's Great Pyramid[1:25]
Dad Leads Taxi Driver to Rescue Daughter and Strangers After Vegas Massacre[2:14]
Some of 2020’s Best Moments[7:30]
Hair-Raising Animal Rescues of 2020[5:28]
These Police Officers Came to the Rescue in 2020[4:57]
Things You Forgot Happened in 2020[6:17]
The Most Dramatic Moments Caught on Camera in 2020[2:31]
Why Was Andy Warhol Shot in His Office?[19:20]
The Killers Who Put New York’s LGBTQ+ Community in Peril[30:54]
How $600K Was Stolen From the NYC Transit System[13:00]
Artist’s 1983 Death by Police Turned New York City Upside Down[24:57]
How the AIDS Epidemic Played Part in NYC Party Girl's Death[9:37]
How An Art Heist Inside Rikers Island Jail Was Pulled Off[13:38]
Did ‘Subway Vigilante’ Shoot 4 Black Teens in Self-Defense?[13:03]
How the Robert Chambers Trial Captivated NYC in 1986[8:23]
Do Ghosts Haunt This Infamous NYC Street?[8:23]
How 3 Beach Bums Pulled Off an Epic Jewel Heist[10:44]
Murder at the Met: Who Killed Violinist During Intermission?[10:08]
Did Marsha P. Johnson Start the 1969 Stonewall Riots?[13:15]
Who Are the Haitian Migrants Trying to Enter the US?[4:12]
Putin Used Sexy Translator to Distract Trump: Stephanie Grisham[2:11]
Stephanie Grisham Sits Down to Discuss White House Memoir[2:49]
Protesters Follow Senator Into Bathroom[1:41]
Taliban Could Force Women’s Driving School to Close[1:31]
Afghan ‘Guitar Girls’ Seek Refuge From Taliban[1:34]
Armed Taliban Surround Terrified News Anchor on Broadcast[2:37]
Marine Killed in Kabul Attack Remembered as Compassionate Hero[2:25]
Larry Elder Pulled Out a Gun During Argument, Ex-Fiancée Says[2:25]
Andrew Cuomo Reportedly Left His Dog Behind at Governor’s Mansion[1:09]
640 Afghans Flee on Cargo Plane Designed for 150 Troops[2:02]
Chaos at Afghanistan Airport[1:16]
Why Are Conspiracy Theories So Appealing to Some People?[10:24]
Why This 17-Year-Old Is Singing Jazz Instead of Pop Songs[8:36]
16-Year-Old TikTok Chef Builds a Food Empire Between Classes[12:09]
How To Make MILLIONS of Dollars With Your Sister[13:09]
Women Military Veterans Speak on Sexual Harassment and Assault[12:11]
Her Daughter Was Murdered, She’s Been Waiting for Justice for Decades[12:10]
Teen Ballet Dancers' Daily Routines[15:00]
15-Year-Old TikTok Influencer Runs a Slime Empire From His Attic[11:18]
At 2 His Life Was Saved, Now Son of Wu Tang Rapper is Making Dad Proud[12:49]
What Nelson Mandela's Grandson Says Will 'End HIV/AIDS'[17:10]
16-Year-Old ‘Beetlejuice’ Star’s Last Show Before Quarantine[12:31]
Meet the Oldest Conjoined Twins in the World[3:02]
Inside the Mind of Jeffrey Dahmer: Serial Killer’s Chilling Jailhouse Interview[17:12]
How Bike Shop Owner Discovered He Was Jeff Bezos’ Dad[3:11]
Death Row Interview With Night Stalker Richard Ramirez[5:39]
Meet the Miracle Baby Born With Her Heart Outside Her Chest[3:42]
Why This Man’s Skin Turned Blue[5:03]
Is This Indiana House the ‘Portal to Hell'?[3:36]
How People With FOP Live As Disease Turns Bodies Into Bone[9:15]
Rare Disorder Turns People’s Bodies to Bone[6:32]
What Happened When Obama’s Inauguration Drew Record Crowds[8:59]
Why Diane Downs Says She Shot Her 3 Children[11:14]
Meet Some of America’s Most Inspiring Kids[11:46]
20-Year-Old Musical Whiz Matthew Whitaker Defies the Odds[8:00]
Bride Gets Walked Down the Aisle by Father of Her Organ Donor[2:17]
8-Year-Old Boy’s New Prosthetic Arm Made of Legos[1:23]
Husband Surprises Wife With Lost Wedding Film at Theater[1:25]
Tragic House Fire Ends With Heartfelt Proposal[2:01]
Back-to-School Shopping With Alana Thompson[2:22]
Doctors Return to Treat Patients After Evacuating Their Kids[1:14]
Military Dad Surprises 2 Baby Daughters After 5 Months[1:04]
ZHC Wants to Make the World a Better Place[5:14]
'ZHC' Surprises Kids With iPads at Hospital[2:39]
Airbnb Pledges to House 20,000 Afghan Refugees for Free[1:14]
5-Year-Old Hikes Entire Appalachian Trail[1:45]

Inside Edition finds incredible stories to tell every day, and some of them are particularly memorable. In 2019, we found a mailman whose simple act of kindness warmed hearts across the country. We found a homeless woman whose angelic singing in the Los Angeles subway brought several offers of help. And we found televangelist Kenneth Copeland, whose remarks about his use of private jets raised eyebrows.
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